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Load Bank Rentals

100KW to 3000KW

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The Importance of Load Banks

A load bank is a necessity for generator maintenance and performance. Regularly running a load bank test is the only way for a customer to be entirely secure in the knowledge that the generator will operate at optimal performance during a power outage. A load bank should be introduced into every general maintenance plan, but, unfortunately, many generators are not load banked with necessary frequency. Megawattage technicians are familiar with the load banking process and are aware of its pivotal purpose.

About Load Bank Rentals

A single load bank can potentially eliminate the trouble of wet stacking, among other things, in one shot. Regular load banking will guarantee all the higher operations of the generator are performing properly, and be hiring a qualified tech to regularly load bank your generator is the best way to keep accurate records of your generators performance under load, ensuring that the generator will provide adequate power when it is needed. Many load banks are expensive units to purchase, and, even though load banking is an important task, the amount of load banking required for general maintenance of a unit may not always justify purchasing a load bank. Our technicians are expedient and professional, with load banks immediately available should you need a test right now.